“My (Future) Life” Video Series


My (Future) Life Career Video project was made possible with funding from the Ohio Board of Regents' College Ready STEM Demonstration Grants Program and produced by the WOUB Center for Public Media at Ohio University, Athens. This website consists of six career modules for students in middle school and high school, and one teacher self-study video support module with links to career investigation resources and assessment strategies. Each My (Future) Life Career Video examines a career in a STEM field and includes an interview with a professional in the given career and what education pathways lead to said career. After viewing the My (Future) Life Career Videos students will have a better concept of the what they need to do while in high school to prepare themselves for a STEM career.

How to use this resource

There are six student My (Future) Life Career Videos and one accompanying My (Future) Life Career teacher video. The student videos are designed to motivate students and engage them in learning what a scientists and researchers do in various STEM careers. The teacher video provides educators with in-depth information about how students go about selecting a college and what financial resources are available to them. Accompanying the teacher video is a teacher resource which includes web links on key issues in career exploration and suggestions on how to go about viewing the My (Future) Life Career Videos with students.

Teacher Resource Guide
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